Formulated for your dogs health

BioFunction8 | Look after your dogs gut

BioFunction8 is an all natural blend of ingredients, chosen to promote gut health in dogs.

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Oculus Prime | Control weeping eyes naturally

Oculus Prime is an antiobitic free way to help with weeping eyes in dogs. A completely natural seaweed blend.

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Stoolrite | Stool former for dogs

Stoolrite is a natural source fo gluten free fibre to ease constipation, relieve symptoms of diarrohea and assist anal gland issues.

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Canident | Look after your dogs' health

Look after your dog with Canident. A blend of brown Irish seaweeds. Packed with beneficial bioactive compounds for your dogs' health.

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Oculus Prime is great would recommend it to anyone, in fact a few of my friends are now using it as they have seen such great results with my dog.

Claire C.

Instant improvement

Very impressed - noticed the results in only a day or two.

- BioFunction8

Laura G.

I'm very pleased with the result. My 4 year old Border Terrier whilst otherwise very fit and healthy constantly had gungy discharge from both eyes, which has now cleared up. As a longtime user of human supplements it's good to know they work for dogs too! - Oculus Prime

Lynne D.

Canident | For Dogs Health

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