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Hello and welcome to Pure Vet Products blog. Here we will be talking about seaweed …yes, that’s right …we said seaweed …and how to care for your dog the natural way! Pure Vet Products is the home of Canident & much more unique, natural health products for your dog. We hope you find our blog informative […]

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What Animals Eat Seaweed?

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Kelp seaweed

In case you were wondering… What animals eat seaweed? Seaweed is not actually a weed but a sea vegetable/algae providing a source of nutrients and energy to other sea life. There are over 10,000 species of seaweed which are categorised into 3 different types, red, brown & green. No species of seaweed is known to […]

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Why Dry Fed Dogs Need Seaweed

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Pure Vet Products Irish Seaweed

Your dog and food You are what you eat! If you eat well, you feel well and the same goes for your dog. A health conscious diet shouldn’t just stop with you, include your dog. Dogs may not be getting all the goodness they need from their food or sufficient iodine intake. Is your dog […]


How To Prepare Your Own Seaweed

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Seaweed is good for you and your dog

Why not go and get yourself some treasure under the sea and we are not talking about gold doubloons, we’re talking about seaweed. Yes, seaweed – you know the clumps of stuff that you kick off wrapping around your legs when swimming in the sea. Seaweed is a sea vegetable treasure that is nutrient rich […]

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Kelp Can Help

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Kelp can help benefits of seaweed

If it’s good enough for you… Dogs don’t know what is good for them so, it is up to us to know, and care for them in the best way we can. Dogs are loyal companions, they love us and they love their food, so let their food love them too. Feeding your dog healthy […]