Oculus Prime | For the Control of Weepy Eyes

Maltese dog running on grass, happy as anythingOculus Prime

Oculus Prime is a unique, natural and effective solution to tackling many of the causes of weepy eyes in dogs. The seaweed blend works systemically, reducing inflammation from common environmental allergens that promote inflammatory weeping from the eyes. In summary,

  • 100% natural, artificial chemical and antibiotic free product for controlling weepy eyes in dogs
  • A proprietary blends of seaweeds from Ireland
  • All seaweeds are organic and sustainably harvested from the ocean (not from the beach)
  • Oculus Prime works systemically, meaning from the inside out, reducing the inflammation in the eyes which leads to watery discharge
  • You should see the benefits of Oculus Prime within 2-7 days
  • Recommended Daily Dosage:

    • Small Dogs & Cats (Up to 10 kg) 1 scoop
    • Medium Dogs (10 – 20 kg) 1 to 2 scoops
    • Large Dogs (20 kg+) 2 scoops +
  • Crude Ash (40%), Moisture (10%), Crude Protein (8%), Crude Fibre (7%), Sulfur (6.5%), Crude Fat (3%)
  • Approved and certified by FEMAS

A tub of Oculus Prime, a seaweed blend to help control weeping eyes in dogs

Causes of Weepy Eyes in Dogs

Oculus Prime can be used long term as long as no other seaweed products are being used. However if they have continually weeping eyes you need to address the most common causes of the condition.

There are many causes of weeping eyes in dogs such as food intolerance issues, physical issues, conjunctivitis and debris. However the most common cause is due to internal inflammation resulting from something the dog is ingesting. Thus it is not simply a matter of putting more products IN to stop an issue recurring but what is taken OUT to reduce inflammation.

The tear ducts are a big exit point for toxins from the body. This is important. Most of us believe that if we eat something that doesn’t agree with us we will vomit or get diarrhoea. While this is certainly the case, few of us realise that the skin, ears and eyes are the biggest emitters of toxins from the body. Recurring problems in these organs suggests toxins are constantly coming out, meaning toxins are constantly coming in. The most obvious point of entrance for these toxins is the gut.

In this respect eliminate wheat, dairy and any unnecessary chemicals from your dog’s life. If you cannot feed a fresh diet then at least remove all wheat from their life and move to a wheat free dry food and treat plan. Simply moving them to a simple, fresh diet fixes many inflammatory issues in dogs, certainly weepy eyes.

Dog with very bad tear staining on face

Weepy Eyes are the Cause of Staining / Red Fur in Dogs

A common issue that results from all the damp fur is staining. There are two causes of this. The first is the simple collection of minerals and gunk from the discharge over time, like the stain on the wall from a gutter. This is a stubborn stain to remove on white coated breeds but it is often accomplished with some clever washing, to a point. The below mix will certainly help. For stubborn stains you’ll need to consult your local groomer for advice. Groomers are great. They’ll give them a nice do and they’re fingers give your dog a great health check. And they’re a mine of unbiased info.
Another common issue is “red fur”. This results from a red fungi (Malassezia pachydermatithat) which thrives in damp conditions. It is the same red fur fungus that pops up between over-licked toes and over-licked bum / vaginal areas. It’s no real harm, just unattractive. Apple cider vinegar is a an easy and effective way of killing this fungus but remember you must stop the eyes leaking or it will grow back.

Home Remedy For Clearing up the Eye Stains in Dogs

  • One cup of warm water
  • Dash of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 egg cups of apple cider vinegar (dries out the region)
  • Healthy dash of Tea Tree

This makes for a very low grade antiseptic and acid solution. Acid sounds scary but it’s simply the term for something with a pH below 7. This mixture is quite acidic due to the vinegar so keep it away from eye balls. Leave on for a few mins then wash off with warm water. This cure is more effective than any of the over priced creams and ointments available for dogs.

eye-boogers-in-dogsClear Discharge Versus Green Discharge

Importantly the discharge resulting from the ingestion of problem proteins will be clear. Green or yellow discharge (from eyes, nose or throat) indicates there’s an infection afoot.

Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Conjunctivitis is a bacterial infection of the eye. They eye will appear red and inflamed. Sometimes the eyelids seal shut with all the green goo coming out. Now depending on the state of your dog (a mild case being a red, itchy eye, maybe a little goo if you caught it late and a severe case being two sealed eyes and obvious discomfort), you may need a vet. Only you can make this decision and when in doubt you never regret going. That said, conjunctivitis is no biggie, and the majority of cases are caught early enough. For these cases use green tea bags. The tea bag acts like a poultice, sucking out the badness while green tea itself is an excellent antioxidant.
Dampen the tea bag in warm water and press on to the eye for say 20 seconds. They will enjoy this (certainly if you treat them after each dab…). Repeat this two or three times ensuring to throw away the tea bag each time as it contains baddies. New tea bags for each dab, certainly for each eye (if you’re cash strapped).
If you want to ramp up the effectiveness of your tea bag remedy, add a few power herbs to the water that you are dunking in. I strongly recommend a few drops of Eyebright or Goldenseal, the GREATEST eye herbs out there. A drop of Tea Tree oil which is the worlds greatest antiseptic, throw that in. And while you’re at it Calendula is a great anti-inflammatory, if you can find it in drop form!!! Use your green tea bag to apply.